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Have you thought lately about creating a power of attorney?

Many don’t even think about getting one in place until they have a major issue. The problem with waiting until it is needed is in the requirements for the document to be valid: You must create it of your own free will and be of sound mind when you create it.

Of course, the point of having a power of attorney is so that, when you are not of a sound mind or able to make your own decisions, someone you trust can make them for you. That means you can’t wait until it is needed to create it.

The good thing is that granting someone power of attorney can be all-inclusive or limited. In either case, you get to decide who you trust to make the decisions you want. You also get to decide when their authority starts and ends.

If you don’t create a power of attorney, and a situation arises where someone must make decisions for you, the court can appoint someone. Whoever they appoint may or may not be someone you even know. Your loved ones could also file for adult guardianship, which can be lengthy. Why put your loved ones through that stress at a tough time?

I have seen many situations where having a power of attorney document on file was extremely helpful in reducing stress at an extremely stressful time. I have also seen real problems for families without power of attorney.

If you have not set one up, I suggest you speak with an attorney today. Best to do it now than not have one later.

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